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More than just Photographers, we are a team of complex Visual Artists. Accustomed with mixed Visual Media, after the graduation from Art & Film Academies, Photography came to us as the final switch, following Painting, Design, Production Design and Television. Due to this complex background our approach is closer to Cinematography. Every detail is thoroughly studied: lights, make-up, hair, style and sets. The pursuit of perfection continues then until final completion in the post production phase of the final digital retouches.

Working experience in the UK & Europe, across a range of sectors including:
- Photography: Portraits, Fashion, Beauty and Commercial
- Architectural and Heritage Photography
- Fine Arts: Painting, Mix Media, Photography
- Production Design, Graphic Design

Available as a freelance Artists, Photographers and Production Designers.


valentin calinescu

visual artist/photographer

krystyna varanka

visual artist/photographer

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